Interesting HackerNews posts by 21 April 2017

Recursive DNS Server Fingerprint
They try to identify DNS hijacking by creating a database of DNS server fingerprints and comparing response of a particular DNS server (suspected to be hijacked) with its normal fingerprint.

Introducing Token
Token is a browser for the Ethereum network that provides universal access to financial services. It combines messaging app, Ethereum wallet and browser for Ethereum apps.

Scalable, Lie-Detecting Timeserving with Roughtime
Roughtime is a protocol designed to provide internet-scale secure time synchronization and address shortcomings of older protocols like NTP. As for me, this post motivated me to learn more about NTP (Network Time Protocol) - a protocol used to synchronize time across network. After a quick look of Wiki article and RFC it turned out that it is not that trivial, and perhaps it worth som time to drill down how time sync is made with NTP. And then focus to Roughtime, which is may be more modern and secure.
This is also a combination of decentralized apps market and Ethereum-based wallet and smth other. They claim they are a browser, messenger and gateway to a decentralized world. Apparently this is smth similar to Token (see link above).

Bitcoin mining is NP-hard
A nice blogpost that cliams that being an optimal Bitcoin-miner is actually NP-hard.

How people talk about marijuana on Reddit: a natural language analysis
NLP analysis of recent Reddit comments regarding marijuana. This is a demo of Google BigQuery, Google Natural Language API. All code is on Github. Anyway, I think that this is good starting point to jump into usage of these technologies.

Pattern Matching for Java
This document explores a possible direction for supporting pattern matching in the Java Language. By Brian Goetz.

Reading game frames in Python with OpenCV - Python Plays GTA V
AI is playing Grand Theft Auto V. They read frames from screen, detect motion, highway boundaries and then generate control actions for the FPS auto so that it moves in the middle of its lane. Very impressive! Kind of simple Computer Vision algo for self-driven cars.

Apply music effects to images or videos
With this script you can apply audio effects (like bass, echo, flanger, sinc, vol etc) to images of videos. FFMpeg is used.

Many ways to create a memory leak in Java
This is a StackOverflow thread where guys offer many ways to create an intended memory leak in Java app.

Patrick Winston explain Deep Learning
A very good explanation on Deep Learning.

Create your own bot for GitHub
A tutorial to create a simple bot for Github. This bot simply welcomes user when she does her first pull request or gets assigned a first issue.

Github project: Distributed search engines using BitTorrent and SQLite
Build a search engine on top of Torrent and SQLite.

How to write a simple operating system
A quick guide how to start writing an OS. The OS shown in the article simply is written into boot sector, and shows a string when it loads. Not much, but it is simple and gives some basic steps to go further.

New password guidelines say everything we thought about passwords is wrong
Discussion of new NIST guidelines for password management.

Decentralized private cloud based on blockchain. It is open source, see github repo:

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